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Designed to take the abuse of commercial use

Image of Various Bags

Paper Hardware and Grocery Bags

Designed to take the abuse of commercial use, GO Packaging paper bags are durable, affordable, and 100% recyclable.

Recloseable Bags

GO Packaging recloseable bags are perfect for storing food thanks to airtight seals that lock in freshness. Our bags come in sizes with write-on blocks for clear and hassle-free labeling.

Packing Slip Envelopes

Need to attach shipping documents? GO Packaging offers a range of self-adhesive packing slip envelopes to enclose packing slips, invoices, and other important shipping documents.

Stock Poly Bags

GO Packaging stock poly bags help you sort, label and store loose stock items to organize your warehouse. Our stock poly bags can hold both small and large items depending on your needs.

Parts Bags

Sort, code, and quantify your loose parts and items with GO Packaging parts bags. They can come pre-printed with “part number” and “quantity” write-on blocks for quick and effective organization.

Impulse Poly Bag Heat Sealer

Secure your poly bagged items with the GO Packaging poly bag heat sealer. This efficient machine can seal any thickness poly bag for safe transportation and/or storage.
• Available in 8” or 24” width
• Foot operated sealers available

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