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Food Packaging

Everything you need to secure KOMPO related food processing equipment

Image of Food Packaging

Loops, Clips, Ties and Tape

​GO Packaging can supply all of your loops, clips, ties and labeling tape requirements for your KOMPO related food processing equipment.

GO offers a wide range of clips for clipping all casing types, from soft protein casing to durable polyamide casings, to suit your specific needs. We can add extra elements (notches, grooves) or change clip cross section profile.

We also provide loops in different colors so that you can distinguish one batch from another by loop color

Our products are suited to work with GO's entire range of food processing equipment so you can rest assured there will be no downtime due to misfeeds or product jamming in your machine.

Learn more about:
•  GO Packaging food packaging products (PDF) 

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