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Shipping Supplies

Protective packaging for safe shipping

Image of Shipping Supplies

Air Kraft Mailers

The premium shipper without the premium price. Air Kraft is made of high grade golden Kraft, fully laminated to an inner bubble liner giving superior protection for any product you ship. Air Kraft has extremely high puncture and tear resistance, are easy to load to save labour costs, and are lightweight to reduce mailing costs.

Kraft Wrapping Paper

All-purpose wrapping paper is ideal for office, warehouse and shipping applications. GO offers a wide variety of weights and widths available for your requirements. Paper dispensers are also available for ease of use.

VCI Papers

VCI papers come in a variety of grades and can be used to protect products for storage and shipments in a wide variety of ways. Larger or irregular shaped products should be protected with heavier grades of paper, while smaller parts can use lighter weights. Papers can be converted into bags, envelopes, wrappers for individual parts, shrouds for large pieces or stacks of parts, covers and liners.

Several products feature special substrates that combine corrosion protection with barrier packaging:

• Barrier coated papers protect against moisture and grease
• Laminated grades afford heavy duty protection against the environment
• Available in standard 36” and 48” rolls, and widths up to 120”

GO Bubble Pac

Reduce shipping damaged products by using GO Bubble Pac. We have various sizes and roll lengths to offer you based on your usage.

Poly Foam

Used for surface protection and cushioning when shipping your products. We are able to supply various sizes and rolls based on your requirements.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Tough Kraft on the outside and protective fluted Kraft on the inside. Perfect combination for protection of all shapes and sizes of package.

Learn more about:

•  GO Packaging bubble wrap, poly foam & cardboard rolls (PDF)

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